A business visitor is an individual who travels to Canada for international business activities, without direct entry into the Canadian labor market. Illustrative instances include visits for meetings with companies engaged in business with their home country, participation in site visits, or attending training sessions on product use, sales, and other business transaction functions, all of which do not require a work permit for entry into Canada. It is essential for business visitors to establish that their primary source of income and principal place of business are located outside Canada. It's important to note that individuals engaged in work for a Canadian company are not considered business visitors and may need to obtain a work permit, particularly if fulfilling a contract with a Canadian company. It's crucial to differentiate between business visitors and business people, as the latter come to perform work in Canada under a free trade agreement, and additional information on business people is available for further clarification.


Business visitors are individuals who remain in Canada for a short duration, typically a few days or weeks, often to attend meetings or events, with a maximum allowable stay of up to six months.

To be eligible as a business visitor in Canada, it is necessary to demonstrate:

  • An intention to stay for less than six months.
  • No plan to engage in the Canadian labor market.
  • The main place of business, as well as the source of income and profits, is located outside Canada.
  • Possession of supporting documents for the application.
  • Satisfaction of Canada’s basic entry requirements, which include having a valid travel document, sufficient funds for the stay and return journey, a commitment to leave Canada at the visit’s conclusion, and no criminal, security, or health risk to Canadians.

You may apply using the IRCC Portal, complete the online form and upload all the requisite documents. To know what documents are required considering your particular case you need to answer a few questions to generate a list.


Permissible activities for business visitors encompass:

  • Purchasing Canadian goods or services for a foreign business or government.
  • Soliciting orders for goods or services.
  • Attending meetings, conferences, conventions, or trade fairs.
  • Providing after-sales service under a warranty or sales agreement.
  • Receiving training from a Canadian parent company while employed outside Canada.
  • Training employees of a Canadian branch of a foreign company.
  • Receiving training from a Canadian company that has sold equipment or services.

Under the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement, U.S. or Mexican nationals may engage in additional activities such as research, marketing, and general services, as outlined on the Global Affairs Canada website.


If the intention is to stay for more than six months or engage in work activities in Canada, the individual might be categorized as a temporary worker and may need to apply for a work permit.


The standard duration of stay for most visitors in Canada is up to six months. Upon entry, a border services officer has the authority to grant a stay for a period different from the standard six months. In such cases, the officer will specify the departure date in the passport or provide a visitor record indicating the required exit date.

If there is no stamp in the passport, the visitor is allowed to stay for six months from the entry date or until the passport’s expiration, whichever happens earlier. Those desiring a stamp can request one from a border services officer, especially at airports utilizing primary inspection kiosks, by approaching the officer after completing the kiosk process.


If your purpose of entering into Canada is to attend a meeting, event or a conference, and if such is registered with the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), they will provide you with an event code. Such event code should be included in your application for business visitor visa.


Securing legal assistance when applying for a Business Visitor Visa to Ontario is advisable due to the intricate nature of immigration laws. Legal professionals offer personalized guidance, ensuring that applications adhere to specific requirements and are free of errors that could lead to delays or refusals. Their expertise is crucial in navigating complex cases, providing tailored advice, and addressing unique challenges associated with specialized business visits. By seeking legal help, applicants can mitigate risks, enhance the chances of a successful application, and, in case of refusals, receive support in reviewing decisions and preparing appeals.

Minor technical flaws in a business visitor visa application for Ontario can have serious consequences, including rejection, processing delays, increased scrutiny, ineligibility determinations, and a negative impact on one’s reputation with immigration authorities. These errors, such as incomplete forms or missing documentation, can lead to immediate refusal, disrupt travel plans, and trigger closer examination of the application.

Overall, legal assistance streamlines the application process, offering a strategic and informed approach to meeting the legal requirements for a Business Visitor Visa to Ontario.


In conclusion, a business visitor in Canada engages in international business activities without entering the labor market. Criteria include an intent to stay under six months and meeting basic entry requirements. Using the IRCC Portal for application, permissible activities range from purchasing goods to attending meetings. If the stay surpasses six months or involves work, a work permit may be needed.

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With a wealth of experience in immigration law, we offer personalized support and guidance at every step of the application process. Whether you are applying for a short-term business visit or any other immigration matter, Kozyrev Law stands as your trusted partner, helping you understand and fulfill all necessary legal obligations. We recognize the importance of timely and accurate submissions to prevent delays, and our team is dedicated to providing peace of mind to applicants by offering transparent and effective legal representation.

Note: The information presented in this article is not intended to constitute legal advice. It is recommended to refer to official government publications and guidelines for accurate and up-to-date information. For obtaining legal advice tailored to the specific circumstances of your case, it is advised to consult with a qualified professional.

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