At Kozyrev Law P.C., we pride ourselves on specializing in the delicate and intricate process of divorce. With deep expertise and unwavering dedication, our Toronto divorce lawyer offer our clients exceptional legal counsel and unwavering support, ensuring they navigate the complexities of marital dissolution with clarity and compassion. Our mission is to empower individuals during this challenging time, helping them secure the best possible outcomes for their future well-being.

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Navigating the complexities of divorce requires the guidance of an experienced professional. Our law firm, located in North York, specializes in providing dedicated support and expert advice to clients seeking a fair and smooth resolution during this challenging period.


Understanding the Divorce Process

Going through a divorce involves both emotional and legal intricacies. At Kozyrev Law P.C., we are committed to offering comprehensive assistance. Here's a breakdown of crucial aspects to consider:


Legal Grounds for Divorce

In Canada, divorce is based on specific grounds, including adultery, cruelty, or a one-year separation. Understanding which grounds apply to your situation is vital as you initiate the divorce process.


The Role of Legal Representation

When dealing with divorce matters, having a skilled divorce lawyer located in North York is paramount. Our knowledgeable attorneys safeguard your rights, provide insights into your options, and tirelessly advocate for your best interests.


Initiating the Divorce Process

Commencing the divorce journey involves preparing and submitting legal documents, such as a divorce petition or application. Our North York divorce lawyer will meticulously guide you through the paperwork, ensuring accuracy and completeness.


Equitable Divisions of Assets and Debts

Throughout the divorce proceedings, our dedicated team places emphasis on personalized attention, transparent communication, and compassionate guidance. We acknowledge the emotional toll this process can have and are here to offer unwavering support.


Tailored Guidance for Unique Situations

It's crucial to note that every divorce case is distinct. The information shared here serves as a general overview. To fully grasp how the law applies to your circumstances and to achieve an optimal outcome, consulting a qualified North York divorce lawyer is essential.

Facing a divorce involves intricate legal facets and profound emotions. Allow Kozyrev Law P.C., to be your guiding hand during this journey. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and embark on the path toward a resolution that safeguards your future.

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    Valeriy Kozyrev was a true beacon of hope in what my family believed was an outright impossible situation. His professional and knowledgeable presence in the end was all that was needed for us to finally get the new beginning we had been hoping for. My family is eternally grateful for his service and support!
    Ivy Sabeghi
    Mr Kozyrev was fantastic in presenting our immigration appeal. He is very knowledgeable and super easy to work with. Thank you so very much.
    Karin Sousa
    Best recommendation. Professional services.
    Alexander Leontiev
    Shirin dokht


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